June Wine Spotlight

Courtesy of Asst. Mngr., Kelly Darter

Kelly knows a thing or two about wine. She is a 6th-generation Napa Valley native and was the GM of Maroon Wines for 13 years before moving to Reno two years ago. She admits that her palette is highly partial to Napa wines, specifically Coobsville cabernets, but that working at Zephyr has helped her palette to globalize and try and enjoy wines from all corners of the globe. This month, Kelly has chosen her two favorite wines of the moment….

Macedon Pinot from Macedonia

“It is very, very light,” Kelly describes. “Probably the lightest Pinot I have every had. And it is the only one we have from Macedonia. We sell out of this the minute it hits the shelf because it is so light and delicate and lovely. I just haven’t gotten over it… You know sometimes you get over a wine? And I just haven’t gotten over this one!”

Reichsrat von Buhl – Bone Dry Riesling from Germany

“This was one of the first wines we all tasted together as a staff, so it has a special place in my heart,” Kelly smiles. “And I’ll tell you a story. Once I was traveling with my husband in Austria and we were at a darling little hotel. The hotel’s owner’s dad had just caught all this trout and he offered to make it for us for dinner. And I mean this trout was so fresh, it was still swimming in the barrel his dad tossed it in from the river. The owner served us the trout with a delicious Riesling  and this Bone Dry wine always takes me back to that memory.”

A Wine Bar Unlike Any Other in Reno

At Zephyr Wine Bar, we feature an eclectic wine selection composed of mostly organic wines, produced by family-owned vintners. You won’t find any store-named brands on our shelves. Our focus is highlighting small, sustainable growers who make amazing wine and deserve to be celebrated! If you can’t decide, ask one of our knowledgeable wine team members, or ask for a taste. We love helping people explore new winemakers. And if you are looking for a special wine that you can’t seem to find anywhere, we will take that bet that we can find and get it for you.

The reason we partner with smaller, boutique producers is because they are passionate about their craft, and we are too. There is a lot of synergy when you have like-minded partners who pour (pun intended) their hearts and souls into making the best and most interesting wine possible.

Some of our wines include Easton, Merry Edwards, Jax, Chateau Musar, Di Arie Vineyards, Lynmar Estates, just to name a few. They are special and important because they are from small production family wineries, most are organic, and we specialize in obtaining some of the most highly allocated and hard to find gems from the U.S. and abroad!

Our wine list is ever-evolving. We are constantly adding and exploring new wines for you to enjoy. And because we work with small producers, some of our selection is limited-run and small batch, so unique wines may only be on our menu or on our retail shelves for an exclusive period. This makes it fun to come in regularly – you never know what delicious new wine is waiting for you!

Table Service for Every Guest

We believe our guests should be able to relax and delight in their glass of wine – not be fighting for the attention of one or two bartenders. That’s why you will find table service at Zephyr.

One of our dedicated and knowledgeable wine team members is happy to serve you so all you have to do is enjoy yourself and your party.

Wine Carafe Program

In Italy, it is very common to go to a neighbor’s house with an empty vessel and walk out with wine. This is a symbol of hospitality, generosity, sharing, and community, and it has inspired our Carafe Program. We want you to feel that same sharing and sense of community when you come to Zephyr Wine Bar.

How It Works

Our Carafe Program works much like a growler program. You buy your carafe and we fill it with your favorite wine from our Wine on Tap. When you buy 9 Carafes, you get the 10th free! Just bring in your carafe when it is empty and try something new, or we will swap it out with a new carafe filled with your go-to favorite from our Wine on Tap. You can enjoy your carafe at the Wine Bar or you can take it to-go.

Wine on Tap

Zephyr Wine Bar is one of very few wine bars in Reno offering Wine on Tap as part of our Carafe Program. Wine on Tap has many advantages for wine drinkers and the environment. First, a keg holds 120 glasses of wine, and it can be refilled when it is empty. Wine stored in a keg also gives you the purest expression of the wine because there is no chance of cork taint or oxygenation. Also, the cost of glass has skyrocketed, so having 26 bottles replaced with a keg provides significant savings to the wine producer, which is then passed along to you as the end customer.

Other Libations to Enjoy

We offer mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages for those who are interested. And if you are more of a beer drinker, we partner with our neighbor, Pinon Bottle South so that you can bring over a beer to enjoy at Zephyr and vice-versa. We want you to relax and enjoy your time at our wine bar even if you are not a wine fan.

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Our Wine Store

Zephyr Wine Bar offers a retail wine selection unlike any other in Reno. We have more than 100 different wines to choose from, all hand selected by our experienced wine team, so you know they are unique and delicious. You can purchase wine by the bottle or by the case to take home, or gift to the hostess in your life.